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Funeral Winds - 30 December 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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Funeral Winds
2:57 PM
Funeral WindsIt all began a decennia ago... 1991 the year Funeral Winds was founded. In 1992 the first recording was made and released as "Rehearsal/Demo '92". Only a few copies were send to underground magazines and bands, this tape was never for sale. Then in 1993 the second demo was released, called "La Majeste Infernale"(The Infernal Majesty)Funeral Winds, and spread the name of Funeral Winds within the Black Metal underground. The same year again new recordings were made, two studio and two live tracks, and released as the "Resurrection..." demo Funeral Winds, released by Pagan Records from Poland in early '94. An illegal bootleg album containing the "Resurrection..." demo as well as on the B-side demo recordings of Demonic from Norway was released later. It is unknown how many copies were pressed of this LP, and who released it...
In 1994 Funeral Winds was invited to Poland to headline, together with the Polish bands Kat and Vader, on a festival called "Sthrashydto '94". A video entitled "Live in Poland" was recorded there. Right after the festival Funeral Winds entered the studio to record six tracks, two for the release of a 7"ep released by Black Arts and four for a Split CD with Abigail (Japan) on Warmaster Records. After these releases the band got signed with Lethal Records for two albums of which the first one should have been released in the summer of 1995. Right after the recordings, guitarist and main force behind Funeral Winds, Hellchrist Xul got arrested for a manslaughter attempt and got jailed.

Lethal Records bankruptcy caused a delay of three years before the '95 album "Godslayer XUL" was released by Daimonion Records in 1998. Due to the fact that both Funeral Winds and Daimonion Records were accused of being political incorrect (Daimonion even reached the front page of some big News Papers in the Netherlands), the album sold about 600 copies, within the underground only, because the bigger (read commercial) distributions refused to sell the album.

Both Daimonion and Funeral Winds claim to have nothing with politics in common at all, "We hate humans and want them DEAD... we're glad the album isn't available for those who don't have a clue what Black Metal is about...."(H. Xul). The "Godslayer XUL" album was re-released by Death To Mankind records from Spain on CD and LP in early 2003

A new album by Funeral Winds will be recorded soon as the release is sheduled for the second half of 2003 also on Death To Mankind records. Sombre Records from Germany will release the"Screaming for Resurrection...P, sheduled for the summer of 2003, which includes the "Resurrection..." demo and "Screaming For Grace" split CD recordings on vinyl. A splït 7" is sheduled for the second half of 2003 on Sombre Records with Apolokia from Germany.

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