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Ambehr - 2 February 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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Main » 2009 » February » 2 » Ambehr
6:25 AM
(Sword's Song)
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Ambehr at highlend metalfest in YerevanAMBEHR was founded in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1995 consisting of Art (bass/ vocals), Hrant (drums), Ashot (guitars, now playing in MANITU band from St. Petersburg). In 1998 they recorded their first demo CD that included five songs in it and was called Life and Death. Right away after that AMBEHR left for St. Petersburg. The musicians lived in St. Petersburg from 1998 to 2000. They spent their time listening the Life and Death on the local Radio Rocks and Radio Record radio stations (thanks to DJ-s Michael Yerukov and Nina Sergina), playing in the Polygon rock-club and preparing for recording a new material that was recorded in March of 2000 (thanks to Pavel Klinov v ex-director of the Polygon club and to Stas from PILOT rock-band) and called Devil..s Notebook. After that AMBEHR left for Moscow. In spring of 2000 mastering of the Devil..s Notebook was made (thanks to Artur Mitinian from AYAS rock-band) and some copies of this album on audio-cassettes were produced by Ta-Musica company. In 2002 the band staff took some changes - Ashot left the band...And now Ambehr has 2 guitarists: Vitaly and Zurab. Also Ambehr has female voice singer Marina. In 2004 Ambehr recorded material for new album at Moscow Sounds Studio and in 2005 it was released by TAIGA SOUNDS and named Spider's Web. In October of 2005 Ambehr recorded new material at the same studio and in 2006 it was released at TAIGA SOUNDS as SWORD's SONG. T Nowadays the last release from Ambehr is "The Black Road" (Chernaya doroga) album which is in russian language and mostly has folkish elements of sound. In spring of 2008 Vitaly and Zurab left the band... Now we are glad to introduce our new guitarists - Igor and Vladimir. They are talented and full of energy. The music of Ambehr acquired a new sound after the guys joined the band, it was evident on the following concerts. The new staff is ready to record the next album of Ambehr...


Live and Death [Demo]
Melodic Death Metal
(Self Released In 1998)
Devil's Notebook [Demo]
Melodic Death Metal
(Self Released In 2000)

1.Star Of Love
2.When I Die
4.Sabre Dance
5.Master Satan
Link For The Download Album
Link For The Download Album
Link for The Download Album
1.Two Sides  03:23
2.Genocide  04:10
3.Evil Never Dies  03:37
4.Fear  05:19
5.Dance Of Death  03:18
6.War  04:36
7.Call On Hell  03:00
8.Master Satan  04:03
Get Back To The Dark  03:17
Total Playin Time  34:43
Link For The Download Album
Spider's Web [Demo]
Melodic Death Metal
(Self Released In 2004)
Spider's Web
Melodic Death Metal
(Released On Taiga Sounds
Production in 2005)

1.Holy Ecstasy
2.The Coutdown
3.Spider's Web
4.In The Name Of God
5.Leather Rebel/Metal Meltdown
(Judas Priest)
1.Holy Ecstasy  06:03
2.The Coutdown  04:40
3.Fear  04:39
4.Spider's Web  07:24
5.Knights Of Apocalypse  04:38
6.In The Name Of God  04:57
Evil's Garden  03:09
8.Black Star  05:59
9Fire Dance (After Komitas)  02:23
10.Counting Rhymes  04:14
11.Metal Meltdown  05:39
Total Playing Time  53:45
Link For The Download Album
Sword's Song
Melodic Death Metal
(Released On Taiga Sounds
Production in 2006)
Черная Дорога
Art Rock
(Released On Sound Age
Productions in 2007)

1.Raven  05:03
2.Gone Away  05:05
3.Sword's Song  04:35
4.Janiman  03:50
5.Beast Inside  03:51
6.Lyrical  06:17
7.Guiding Star  03:53
8.Mess  04:55
9.Abyss Of Hungry Eyes  04:11
10.Alone  05:06
Total Playing Time  45:46
Link For The Download Album p(1)
Link For The Download Album p(2)
1.Черная Дорога  (5:33)
2.Не Погасить  (3:30)
3.Их Носить Семля Устала  (5:50)
4.Обними Меня  (4:18)
5.Она Одна  (3:42)
6.Шаг Во Мрак  (3:11)
7.Солнце Скрылось  (3:18)
8.В последний Путь  (5:21)
Total Playing Time  34:43
Link For The Download Album

Ambehr At Highland Metalfest In Yerevan

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