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Orkus - 10 February 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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7:00 PM

The group began in 2005 when John Paul Fernandes, Hayg Terzian, and Andrew DeLange began to come together musically to develop songs together. Due to their incredible musical chemistry, they decided to continue their efforts and eventually form a band together. All three musicians were proficient in many different instruments, but the final arrangement became John Paul on rhythm guitar/vocals, Andrew DeLange on keys, and Hayg Terzian on lead guitars. Being that they needed a drummer and bass player, John Paul contacted long time friend Karo Torosyan to fill the bass position. Karo gladly agreed due to fact that he found much musical credibility in these three individuals. After a few rehearsal sessions, the four agreed that it was time to seek out a drummer who would be able to keep up with the heavy and progressive style of music that they had been developing. After not too long, they came across an individual named Chris Moore. Chris had a great sense of timing, and was notably proficient in double-bass techniques. This definitely suited the band at the time, and Chris became the group’s full time drummer. The band now being a complete unit, we started to develop our own brand of metal which is best described as a fusion of black metal, death metal, progressive/psychedelic rock, and countless influences from various classical eras. The group then dubbed itself Orcus (an ancient Roman/Etruscan deity, being lord of the underworld). Shortly after, they began to play and headline local legendary rock clubs such as The Whisky, The Key Club, The House of Blues, The Troubador, The Knitting Factory, etc. The local metal scene quickly embraced the group’s sound and was eager to hear the group’s first EP. Thus the group swiftly went into the famous Skull7 studio of Bill Metoyer and recorded with Anna Cumming and Poison Carousel Productions to create their first EP appropriately entitled, “Birth”. The CD Release party was held at the world famous Whisky. Shortly after the CD Release party two of five members of Orcus decided to part ways. Andrew DeLange on keys decided that being in a metal band wasn’t particularly what he planned to do with his life, and Chris Moore on drums parted ways to venture into speed/thrash metal with former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. Chris Moore was quickly replaced with Emin Abdalian. Orcus was in complete shock at Emin’s ability to drum in the black/death genre, and his ability to add to their growing progressive sound. Needless to say, Emin is the epitome of a perfect drummer for Orcus. Due to the fact that DeLange is irreplaceable, the group decided to focus on a more progressive, guitar oriented sound, and instead focus more on the experimental value of their music. Orcus is currently, in 2007 working on material for a second CD, which will be recorded early 2008. The group is very happy with their newer material and is certain that their perpetually growing sound will again please their listeners.


Sympho Archestral death
black metal/progressive

(....  in 2006)

1.Defiled Throne (7:25)
2.The Worm or the Sublime (6:59)
3.Storming of the Bastille (7:32)
4.Embers of their Lost Domain (7:14)
5.Fear and Thereafter (5:20)
6.Anti-Apotheosis (6:45)
7.Birth (6:05)
Total Playing Time  47:20
Link For The Download Album

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