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Vishapakahr - 31 January 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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6:38 AM


With the demise of Andre C. Avanessian's solo folk metal project and a one year hiatus, Andre got together with some friends to jam on one majestic night in July of 2006. Some days after, Andre had a detailed conversation with an old jamming partner and longtime friend Arin Zakarian. The two decided to mesh their musical talents together through the formation of a band, something both had desired for quite some time.

The Birth of Vishapakahr:

At first they started out rewriting some of Andre's old music but soon after, the band developed their own sound that was darker than the old material. With the band progressing, Vahe Yaymayan joined the ranks who was at the time, the guitarist of a local thrash metal act. With this lineup the band became known as Vishapakahr in summer of 2006.

The music itself at times carries over a few remnants from Andre's solo project dating back to late 2003, however Vishapakahr is another creature entirely. The band celebrates pre-Christian existence in the Armenian region, otherwise known as the Urartu/Urartaean empire, and embraces concepts of chaos, mythology, nature, and darkness of those times.

Vishapakahr means Serpent(Dragon) Stone in Armenian, these pagan symbols date back thousands of years before the plague of Christianity. The Vishapakahrs are said to represent wisdom, the beginning of life, among other interpretations.

In June 2007 the band recorded their self-titled debut EP album at the Nightmare Sound Studios in June 2007, with session drums provided by Caleb Bingham and is now open for offers from music labels.

Vishapakahr [EP]
Black Metal/Arm folk
(Nightmare Sounds studio  2007)

1.Intro  (1:13)
2.Urartean Vishap  (3:38)
3.Karahundj  (4:09)
4.Hymn To Aramazd  (4:46)
5.Outro (Arakel Mushegh)  (4:12)
Total Playing time  17:58

Link For The Download Album

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