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Beerdigungs Lauten - 31 January 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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Main » 2009 » January » 31 » Beerdigungs Lauten
Beerdigungs Lauten
8:09 AM
Beerdigungs Lauten Logo

Band PicsIt's all began in 1993. Being influenced by the Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Pungent Stench, Disharmonic Orchestra, Atrocity, Righteous Pigs etc., we decided to play brutal, very unusual music for Armenia. Mostly metal bands were playing thrash and heavy metal. We (Doom & Festerdead) were involved in the thrash-band called Demon Spirit. I can describe them as an armenian copy of Slayer. After some abortive attempts to play more brutal music, we made a decision to leave Demon Spirit and make our own band. So, we started to find other members. The metal scene was rising in Armenia in early 90th, and those who wish to play in some band were a lot. But nobody wanted to play grind core/death-metal. The work started. First of all we wanted to find the rehearsal room. It was the hardest thing, because Armenia was under trying conditions. No electricity, state of war, etc. In the meantime we were making our songs at home without drums and trying to find at least the bass player. To find the second guitar player was quite difficult but that worried us less. But the things were going quite the contrary. Timur has joined the band as a second guitar player. He was addicted to death metal also, but his stay in the band wasn't long. There were still two of us. Then the idea was born to invite Dowen to play bass. Dowen and Festerdead were playing together before in the short-term project "Aggel". "Aggel" subsisted for 4 month. Later, in 1995, the guitarist Trush, who was also involved in "Aggel", have joined Beerdigungs Lauten. In the Festivals section all that transfers are described in details. So there were already three of us. The next step was the rehearsal room. We have rent the place at the scientific institution (Armgiprodor), which was outside of Yerevan. It took an hour and the half to get there. That was the autumn of 1993. The winter was dead period, because of no electricity, no transportation and a bunch of snow. The spring '94 came with an excellent offer. The other armenian band Dumbarton Oaks had a rehearsal room in Yerevan, but without recording equipment. We have solved the problem with the equipment (many thanks go to Helen), and started to use their room together. After two months our first demo - Slay the close of yours - was recorded. It took12 hours to finish with that. There were only two recording studios in Yerevan that time, and we decided to choose "Ardzagank". Some of head staff was famous to us in "Ardzagank". Though, the other studio - "Asparez" had better equipment. The demo consist of three songs - Slay the close of yours, Psychosis/Paroxysm and With God's help. Our friend- Vgo helped us with the lyrics for the last one. After that we were invited to the "Barev" TV program. Some pictures you can find on the pictures page. It was our first appearance on the TV. Rumors were saying (after that TV program) that the demo "Slay the close of yours" was not made by Beerdigungs Lauten. It's some other unknown band, who's recordings BL staff pretends to be as their own. Later, those rumors have disappeared after some live shows. But another one came up - Doom have lost his voice because of his growling. Just like Dave Ingram from Benediction. But as I have said, all that were just rumors. Our live program started on July 30, 2004 from the "Music 5" Festival. We invited Dramber from Dumbarton Oaks to play guitar, because Doom decided to concentrate only on vocals. And that decision was right. Besides our program we have introduced some new songs, which were written by Dramber, but his band Dumbarton Oaks rejected the offer to play them. As that songs didn't match the Dumbarton Oaks music criteria. The opinions about our band after the first performance were very positive. By the way, the pic on the left was made after that, when the was interviewed.


Slay The Close of Yourse [EP]

(Released On Ardzaganq Studio In 1994)

1.Slay The Close Of Yourse  02:27
2.Psychosis/Paroxism  03:02
3.With Gods Help  02:15
4.Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death Cover)  02:09
5.Sabre Dance  04:42
Total Playing Time  25:00
Link For The Download Album


Slay The Close Of Yourse & God's Help
By Beerdigungs Lauten

Unchallenged Hate By Beerdigungs Lauten

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