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Blood Covenant - 6 February 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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Blood Covenant
10:17 AM

The group was formed in 2001. It was formed by Sergey and Garik. At that time the name of the group was “Iron Cross” and played in trash/death metal style. Vocalist Dave joined the group in that year and they let out the first demo album “Iron Cross” in September of the same year. In 2002 the vocalist of the group became Sergey, as Dave had left the group. The style of the group changed and they began to play in Sympho/black metal style. The name of the group was also changed. Now it is called “Blood Covenant”.
In 2003 they released the second album “The day of the Lord”.
In 2007 they let out the third album “The Blood of the new covenant”, where participated singer Arthur Areskin, (ex-vocalist of AYAS), father of Sergey. The group has given concerts and took part in many Rock & Metal festivals. The aim of the group is to show what Jesus did for people, the relationship between God and people. The plan of the group is to write music inspired by God, to show people the love of Jesus and the hatred of satan towards them.

Favorite groups of the “Blood Covenant” are “Antestor”, “Extol”, “Slechvalk”, “Crimson Moonlight”, just musical – Dimmu Borgir, Emperor.


Iron Cross
Thrash/Death Metal
(Self Released In 2001)
The Day Of Lord
Christian Sympho
'Black' Metal

(Self Released In 2003)

1.In The Likeness of you
2.Blattles for Purity
3.Defeated Hell
4.Power of God
5.The immortal One
6.The Last Rain (inst.)
7.Iron Cross
Link For The Download Album
1.The Day Of Lord  05:35
2.Blood Redemption  05:56
3.The horns Of Jericho  01:16
4.messiah  06:58
5.Old Cross  03:29
6.The King of Zion  01:12
7.Fall Babylon, Fall  05:15
Total Playing Time  29:41
Link For The Download Album

The Blood Of The New Covenant

Christian Sympho
'Black' Metal

(Self Released In 2007)

1.The Symphony Of The Eminence (Intro)  02:11
2.Greatness  07:59
3.Dedication  08:20
4.Blood Of The new Testament  07:06
5.Old Cross (Intro)  00:39
6.Old Cross  03:21
7.Eternal Beauty  02:40
8.Apocalypse  05:33
9.Choice  06:36
10.Sacred  05:34
Total Playing Time  49:59
Link For The Download Album

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