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Vahagn - 30 January 2009 - Blog - MetalStorm.ucoz.com

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Main » 2009 » January » 30 » Vahagn
3:13 AM

Arevi, Kraki Ev Kaytzi Astvatz

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About VAHAGN - Now Searching For A Label

Vahagn photoFor over 12 000 years the Noble people of the Armenian Highlands have worshipped various deities spanning the realm of the Urartu to the might of the Hittite Empire. These gods and goddesses include, Vahagn (the namesake of this band), Anahit and and Aramazd. With the advent of Christianity in the year 301 AD in Armenia as the state religion, the deities of old became bygones. Only a few remember their names and carry on the traditions that were forged a millennia ago. One such man that has remembered the ways of his ancestors is Rudolf Kalousdian a veteran to the metal scene has decided to heed the call of his ancestors and create a one man Armenian Pagan Metal band by the name of Vahagn, the National God of Armenia, the god of the Sun and Vishabakagh, "dragon reaper". Vahagn is not one of these Folk Metal bands that have jovial up-tempo beats instead use the sombre and heartfelt folk melodies that would echo throughout the Armenian Highlands for centuries. Vahagn uses authentic folk instruments such as the Armenian wood wind instrument the Duduk, Bagpipes and Shvi, to create the folkish melodies. These coupled with fast Black Metal riffing and blasting drums has created a distinct sound, which is safe to say that only Vahagn sounds like. VAHAGN recently released " Arevi, Kraki ev Kaytzi Astvatz"/ " God of Sun, Fire and Thunder" 2007 (promo single) A full lenght album is beeing recorded at the moment , but no release dates comfirmed yet. Stay tuned ! VAHAGN IS STILL LOOKING FOR LABEL . Cheers!


Arevi, Kraki Ev Kaydzi Astvatz [Single]
(Self Released In 2007)

1.Arevi, Kraki Ev Kaytzi Astvatz 06:28

Total Playing Time 06:28

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